quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2012

Spray for erectile dysfunction

A new sublingual spray, for erectile dysfunction treatment,  was created by an Andrology Group in Brazil (Grupo de Andrologia), under supervision of MD Luis Henrique Leonardo Pereira.
This spray contains 5 mg of sildenafil or 2 mg of tadalafil, daily use, and there is no side effects. It is in blood stream after 5 minutes of use.
We have more than 2 thousands pacients under treatment and it is much better than the regular pills.
IWe can send, this spray for erectile dysfunction worldwide samples to prove it really works.
If there is interest, please send a email to atendimento@grupodeandrologia.com.br
Our website is www.grupodeandrologia.com.br, but it is in portuguese.

New spray for erectile dysfunction, created by Grupo de Andrologia do Brasil.

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